ello! i'm ahzam -- i build things on the internet.

currently, i'm working @ find signal where i'm tinkering with LLM's to execute on-chain activity. i try to mess around on the intersection of bio + ai in my free time. just some while ago I was a part of eth india fellowship and grant.

wanna talk around ideas, work on cool things maybe or just vibe? find me on twitter :) i'm big on meeting new ppl.


🧬 biodiffusion — i fine-tuned stable diffusion to replicate david goodsell's work (bioart) and it got twitter approved.

🖼️ aimint.fun — generate art and own it as nfts. part of eth india grant & won best NFT project at Eth-For-All.

🐚 helixplorer — visually pleasing gpt powered mini protein wiki

👾 fromthedna — reverse engineering HIV's genome sequence to teach myself implementation of molecular bio's central dogma but in code.

🔐 tinyhack — prototype leetcode like platform but specifically for solidity with a focus on contract security.

🔖 declutr — a social bookmarking experience for people who like to share knowledge.

✏️️ text2cron — vercel released cron jobs recently so we built this small tool to help fellow devs automate the process of creating cron expressions using GPT-3.5.

📷 imgclassifier — a small py script to classify images containing a certain object from a folder of random images using openai/clip.